You have completed your manuscript, now what? Before you publish you need an experienced professional to edit your book. You have dedicated countless hours writing your book, and not to have it professionally edited would be a shame.

To compete in the marketplace your book must be edited properly. Our editing services include substantive, line/copy and proofreading. We will evaluate for structure, organization, coherence and consistency, plus grammar, style, word usage, spelling and punctuation. 


Barringer Publishing is a full-service independent publishing house offering a unique opportunity to authors. Whether 

you are a first time author, a seasoned author or a best-selling author, Barringer Publishing will exceed your expectations. 

From consulting during the editing process to editing, book design, distribution and printing we are convinced that what creates success is a cohesive plan branding you and positioning your book with a winning

game. Our experienced staff is prepared to guide you through the publishing process.


Book Reviews play an extremely important role in the marketing process of your book. The best way to generate buzz is get positive reviews. We have a staff of authors, agents, English professors and critics who will analyze your book and compose a 350 word review of your book, including suggestions and quotes you may use for marketing purposes.  We will provide a book review for all authors, from first time self-published authors to seasoned authors who have published multiple books.

Fiction - Non-Fiction - Legacy (Company History) Books - Memoirs - Children's

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