After all parties are happy with the the final editing, the book goes to formatting where the book's interior pages are being prepared for review, publication and printing.

Every book needs professional editing. Our three phase editing process is second to none. The process includes substantive, copy (or line editing), and proofreading.

Your book will be converted as digital version, in addition to the print edition, and will be available for ebooks readers on their electronic devices.

You have completed your manuscript, now what?

Your book will be made available to booksellers, libraries, and through Amazon and B& Via the distribution network all of our books are available throughout the world's largest distributors. 

Book Two in the Malia & Teacup Trilogy

The front cover and back cover design is extremely important. It is a reader's first impression. The covers need to entice the reader. The full-color covers are custom designed for your book. 

With many years of experience marketing books, we will gladly work with you to help present your book to a wide audience providing an opportunity for the book's potential success. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get started on the road to publishing your book and fulfilling your dream.

Our Process

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​Malia is chased by villains, snowy leopards, a yeti, magical creatiures and  a beautiful young princess as she tries to find the flower potion that Grandpa desperately needs to save Grandma's life.

Before you publish you need an experienced professional to edit your book. You have dedicated countless hours writing your book, and not to have it professionally edited would be a shame. To compete in the marketplace your book must be edited properly. Our three-phase editing service includes substantive, line/copy and proofreading. We will evaluate for structure, organization, coherence and consistency, plus grammar, style, word usage, spelling and punctuation

Barringer Publishing is a full-service independent publishing house offering a unique opportunity to authors. Whether you are a first time author, or a seasoned published author, Barringer Publishing will exceed your expectations. From consulting, three phases of  editing to, cover and interior design, to distribution and printing we are confident you will have a rewarding experience as a published author.

We will make your dream of publishing your book a reality

Publsih With Us

We publish books in most genres including

Fiction  -  Non-Fiction  -  Memoirs  -  Children's  -  Legacy