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Susanne Alexander - All in One Marriage Prep

Karen Ament - No Diagnosis

Robert James Anderson - The Flyboys

Gwen Rosha Anderson - My Three Lumps

M.A. Appleby - The Ancient Whisper, Whispered Dreams, Journey of a Thousand Steps (Coming 2016)

Laura Arbree - Will Be Done

Ron Atkinson - Murder by the Books

Ben Bailey - The Accidental Soldier

Carl Baker - To Defend Against All Enemies

Dr. Molly Barrow - Matchlines or Singles, Malia & Teacup, Out on a Limb

Mark Bilson - The Peninsula

Lynn Blum - Queen of Resale

Barbara Bologna - Bullied Over Sandman Falls

Bob Brown - No More Excuses

Jeffrey Bruce - Dont Call Me Alice

Gloria Byerly - When the Rooster Crows

Lisa and Cody Camp - Thumbassarus

Lois Christie Carme - Yes I Can

Denny Chipmam - The Prince and the Princess

Isabel Cohen - Confessions of a Touretter

Joan J Curley - Malcolm, the Muscovy Duck of Naples, Florida

​Christy D. Cugini - Let's Make a Friend

Linda Crabtree  - How to Date Like a Man

Donna Daisy - Why Wait, Be Happy Now

Ed Dixon - Home Sweet Homes

Robert Dornburg - A Nation of Sheep and Thoughts While Shaving

Billy Duncan - Chad Savage

Charlotte Evans - Memoirs of a German War Bride

Walter S. Foster - How to Avoid the Armageddon of 2054

Lee Flandreau - The Star Across the Bay

Richard Georgian - Georgian Rider Chronicles

Gioia - Sicilian Seeds

MIchael Goffinet - They Call Me Superman

Susan Goodman - Pursue Possibilities

Pat Grahn - 586 Pounds of Feminine Charm

Larry Grouse - Cable Hell

Rick Hallock - Evil Shadows

Franklin G. Hempel - Picture Man

Peter Hilger - War Torn

Jim Hughes - Goldmaker

Mary Pat Jones - Walking Through Fiery Trials

R. Thomas Jones - The Lights in the House

​Wallace M. Kain - A Fly in the Butter, The Red Columns, The Nunca Riddle

S L Kaufman - Into My LIfe Unexpected, Learning to Love Again

                      - Into My Life Unexpected, Transitioning

                      - Into My Life Unexpected, Finding Love

William F. Kelly - Passport to Danger

Marcy Krutchen - Just Remember

Katie Letcher-Lyle - Friends in High Places

Trisha Leake - The Christmas Dream

Thomas Z. Lajos - Incredible Journey

Mark Lando - Game Plan for Signers

Raquel Russel Landry - Players & Pawns

Norman Malamud - Condemned to Live, Three on a Couch, Franny, Trapped

Ruthmarie Goerke-Matthysse - Desperate Decisions

Joyce McDonald - Killing the Cure

Sally Ann McPherson - Warm Firesides, Wide Porches

Dorothy Seymour Mills - I Know What My Cat is Thinking

Thomas Newnam - Memo

Lisa Portolan - Seesaw

Kyle Prue - The Sparks

Dan Purdy - Venus Curse

Phil E. Quinn - Release Point

Ed Riedl - Difficult Times

Whitney Rose - Woo Hoo the Growing You'll Do

Scott Alan Ross - Wrinkle

James M. Sargent - The Infiltrator

Moe Shepard - Snowbirds Last Flight

Norma J. Singleton - Promises to Keep

Karen Sipe - Sometimes 3rd Grade Stinks

August Sterling - Dignity Bridge, Where the Falcon Flies

Philip Storm - Seven Soldiers, Why Men Must Lie

Adelheid Stryker -German Girl-American Woman

Fred Sullivan - Get the Edge, Get the Job

Anna Taylor - Sophia's Favorite Squirrel, Sophia and Alexa Watch for Dolphins

Enok A. L. Tjotta - Mystery at Bjerklun

Marsha Wilchfort - The Fickle Widow's Retreat

Martin Willoughby - Zoon Entrepreneur

W. Rosser Wilson - Otto

Coming Soon