of the Malia & Teacup Trilogy

The quintessential book on finding the perfect mate and dating in 2018. 

"Barringer Publishing has edited and published four books for me with professionalism and no problems. The experience was excellent. Very happy with the qualitpy of my finished books." - Dr. Molly Barrow


of the Malia & Teacup Trilogy

Dr. Molly Barrow

Condensed version of BOOK ONE

 for younger readers

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Dr. Molly Barrow is a practicing mental health counselor and director of IMAGINE Children's Health Center. She is the celebrated author of Matchlines for Singles, A Revolutionary New Way at Looking Relationships and Making the Right Choices in Love, and the author of the popular Malia & Teacup series. 

Dr. Barrow earned her Ph.D in clinical psychology and has been in private practice for twenty years. Her articles are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide in O Magazine, Psychology Today, AIA,,, and Women's Health. She has appeared as an expert on numerous television programs, and as a speaker at in universities, radio, and film. 

She is currently working on a book about Step Parenting that we will publish in 2018, and continuing the Malia & Teacup Trilogy with Book Three in the series. The trilogy is a self-esteem building series of adventures. Malia and her dog Teacup travel to Africa, Bhutan, and soon England surviving pirates, yetis, and armies, to overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds. Dr. Barrow feels that with an adventure series, she can disguise her message of self-esteem building. 

Her IMAGINE Children's Health Center is a non-pofit that helps children suffering from emotional trauma due to loss, divorce, natural disaster, and depression. For more information regarding IMAGINE Children's Health Center visit