Cynthia Zvanut Hovey & Winston A. Hovey

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Ever wish you could just chuck everything? Go live on an island? Hop on a boat and sail off into the sunset?

This is the true story of us. a baby-boomer couple who chucked our San Diego corporate lifestyle, and all our "stuff" for life in the Caribbean. Spanning twenty-five years, the chasms we negotitated, transitioning from minimum wage work at a pirate bar to handling millionaire yacht owners, make hurricanes look like child's  play.

We wanted more out of life after forty. We learned to expect less, too. We lived in a grass hut and kept rickety Pirates Pub on the tiny island of Saba Rock afloat. We lowered our expectations to the depths of our souls, weathered twelve hurricanes and hosted 100+ charter, outlived three firings, five resignations, even life in a van without divorcing, while looking for that perfect job.

There is a yacht more to our story that keep this romance underway at full speed. Our story just might compel you to re-think your own expectations, search out unexpected opportunities and just maybe, go after your own paradise.