Sunbeam and the Curse

of the Golden Key

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Author Ouida D.W.

Barringer Publishing is proud to announce the signing of a new Young Adult (YA) fantasy novel by Ouida D.W. titled Sunbeam and the Curse of the Golden Key. ​Sunbeam carries a dark secret. It’s Sunbeam’s fault her twin sister disappeared. Now it’s up to her to find her, and hopefully—alive. 

Fourteen-year-old Sunbeam is a spunky, impulsive outcast whose fierce devotion to find her missing twin sister is threatened by a chilling, dark presence. Sunbeam’s twin, Gilda, disappeared five years ago. Worse, Sunbeam never knew her father; he mysteriously left the family. So she lives with her mother, who always references a nameless threat, but never answers her questions. 

When Sunbeam finds a mysterious Golden Key, she and her loyal horse, Whitewing, are catapulted into the Depths of Cypress: a shadowy forest where she discovers traces that propel her forward. Along the journey, she realizes she is only a step from death after she finds clues about the island’s hidden secrets. Through it all, Whitewing sticks close by her side as they try to escape the cryptic Depths alive—and most of all—uncover the truth about Gilda.

Author, Ouida D.W. has taught English throughout Florida schools. She is currently an English Professor. Her plays have been performed throughout Florida, one winning an “excellent” award at the FL Thespian District Competition. Her journalism work has been published in many newspapers and online news media. Regarding the content of the book, her own family has a history with horses. She was always fascinated that her great grandfather was a cowboy who broke horses and performed in Wild West Shows. Her grandmother used to talk of riding in a horse and buggy out West and watching the wild stallions run free.

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