BOOK TWO in the Malia & Teacup trilogy. Malia is chased by villains, snowy leopards, magical creatures and a beautiful young princess as she tries to find the flower potion that Grandpa desperately needs to save Grandma.

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"This book is an extraordinary and beautiful introduction to a possible new journey for all of us. A journey into the deepest parts of ourselves--or souls."

Pursue Possibilities is a book of daily messages designed to help us be more intentional about our lives, productive in our businesses and ultimately bring more happiness. 

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Are you ready to change how you select your next date? This is the quintessential book for finding Mr. Right, better than dating services, for singles, divorced, and widows. A unique perspective on relationships.

BOOK ONE in the Malia & Teacup Trilogy. Will Malia overcome her fears and believe in herself enough to rescue Teacup? She unravels the mystery of who dognapped her poodle and outsmarts wild animals and pirates.

"Mark Lando's unique perspective on thoroughbred body language has given me an ability to separate contenders. It's an edge that I didn't have before, which immediately led to profitable results." - Charles (Chip) Reed

Young women are dying under mysterious cirumstances in Pelican Cove, Florida. The police and medical examiner need to find out what is going on before the next victim falls prey to this new epidemic of death.

The author buried her husband, bought a Mini-Cooper and 'hit the road' at age fifty-five. Renting many furnished apartments along the way, she becomes a writer's workshop groupie.

Follow the adventures, romances, and tragedies of Georgian me and women who were seduced by the promise and opportunity of making a living in America.

Peter Hilger traveled extensively and wrote numerous stories about the people and places he encountered, many published in airline magazines. This volume is a small sample of those adventures.

Three savvy ladies discover their psychiatrist has pledged his undying love to each of them. The truth is uncovered and the scourned women join forces for revenge. 

Follow Dr. Dailey McPeak's inspirational quest, as he chronicles his journey and passions. His personal  insights create a guide for reader's to enjoy and learn.    NOW AVAILABLE

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