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Mark Barie

Mark Barie is a native of upstate New York, retired after 35 years as a self-employed Management Consultant to corporations, local governments, and non-profit organizations in New York, Vermont, and Canada.

He has served as the Keynote Speaker, Panelist, Moderator, or Presenter at more than 250 seminars, workshops, or trade shows, as a recognized expert on the subjects of Economic Development, US immigration procedures, Commercial Real Estate, Strategic Planning, and International Marketing. Mark earned his Master’s degree in Business from St. Michaels College in Vermont and a Certificate in Advanced Management Studies from McGill College in Montreal.

In his spare time, Mark has authored four local history books, two in collaboration with his wife, including two biographies, a history of the US-Canadian Border, and a history of the town of Champlain, New York.

Dr.Molly Barrow

- Matchlines for Singles

- Guide to StepParenting

- Malia & Teacup - Awesome African Adventure

- Malia & Teacup - Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

- Malia & Teacup - Out on a LImb

- Malia & Teacup - Checkmate Castle

Dr. Barrow earned her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a licensed mental health counselor and educator in private practice for twenty years. The author of Matchlines: A Revolutionary New Way of Looking at Relationships and Making the Right Choices in Love, Dr. Barrow is a well known relationship expert helping individuals, couples, families and businesses improve their relationships and communication skills. Her commentary and advice column, Shrink About This, quotes, and articles are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide in O Magazine, Psychology Today, AIA, GOP Forum, ivillage, Lavalife,,, and Women’s Health.

Dr. Barrow is also the author of the Malia and Teacup adventure series of 

self-esteem building books for children.

A media personality, Dr. Barrow played herself in the teen movie, My Suicide and in documentaries including, Ready to Explode and is a frequent guest on television news, forums and radio talk shows presenting her Match Line theory and relationship test. Dr. Barrow has her own weekly radio show and is a professional speaker for universities, companies and community organizations. She is also the Executive Director of IMAGINE Children's Health Center, a not-for-profit to help children in need.


After a successful forty-year business career that took him literally around the globe, Andrew B. Louis retired to focus on his passion for writing. Originally, sharing draft novels only with friends and family, he was encouraged to offer them to a broader audience. Andrew is quite eclectic in his choice of topics: always fictional but with believable real-life situations, some based on personal experience, others simply imagined. A researcher at heart, Andrew includes many details from his research of places and things, but he never pretends to reflect actual realities. For this, the reader must decide: is this real or imagined?

Andrew B. Louis
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William A. Gralnick

Bill Gralnick has been writing ever since his mother said, “Little Pishers” should be seen not heard.” As a teen, he wrote over ve hundred love letters to his girlfriend. As an adult he has written almost nine hundred op-ed pieces for newspaper around the country—four have appeared in USA Today. This is his third book. There are three more in the hopper.

The world is a mess. I thought it needed a book that was fun and easy to read. This book is it.It takes you through the tears and terrors of childhood, the mess-ups of middle school, and a raft of stupidities that can only come from that swamp called adolescence. I will have succeeded if the book releases your own memories from days gone by.

“It’s lively, personal and savvy, lled with characters that will either make you gasp with recognition (between laughs), or inspire you to celebrate the cast

of your own life.”

– Lynn Sherr, former ABC News Correspondent; author; memoirist.

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A Californian who has lived all over the world, Ernest Brawley has published numerous short stories and five novels.
His prison novel, THE RAP, became a feature film, FASTWALKING, His farm worker novel, SELENA, was purchased by 20th Century Fox. His Mexican novel, THE ALAMO TREE, was a Literary Guild Featured selection. His Vietnam War novel, LOVE HAS NO COUNTRY, was published in July 2021. His New York City crime thriller, STREETLIGHT, was published in January 2022. Brawley's new revenge novel, BLOOD MOON, wil be published shortly.

Ernest Brawley
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Nick G. Penniman

Nicholas G. Penniman IV retired in 1999 as publisher ofthe St. Louis Post-Dispatch and as senior VP of newspaper operations for Pulitzer Publishing Company.


A 1960 graduate of Princeton University, he did graduate work at both the Wharton Graduate School and Washington University St. Louis. Penniman is currently chair emeritus of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, a trustee emeritus of the Everglades Foundation, past chair of American Rivers and chair emeritus of the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.

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