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WHO WE ARE......

BARRINGER PUBLISHING, founded in 2009 by Jeff Schlesinger, is an Independent/Hybrid publishing company offering a unique and rewarding publishing experience for our authors.

With a staff of highly skilled specialists, Barringer is in a unique position to offer their authors an exclusive opportunity. With decades of experience in the publishing and marketing world, the professionals at Barringer will work with you with one goal in mind--to produce a high-quality product you will be proud of and will be available for your targeted market via our distribution network.


Our services include everything from editing and design to publishing both a print and digital version for you. We will work with you, answering all questions throughout the entire process. Our distribution partners will keep your book in the public eye long after it is launched. We will assist you regarding marketing and graphic tools to be sure your book is placed where readers will enjoy it. 


We publish in nearly all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, children's, self-help, and legacy books. Our services include everything from editing and design to publishing both a print and digital version of your book.


With over 30 years experience marketing and advertising for major companies, startups, small retail businesses, medical, and authors, our expertise with social  and digital marketing, website and mobile site production, ads, graphics, etc. can be very beneficial to the success of your book. For more information visit or email us at


All submissions may be emailed to us. Please include a short bio, synopsis, and a sample from your manuscript. Contact us for additional information at

Many of our authors have enjoyed great success. One of our published books has been made into a series of feature length movies on the Hallmark Channel, while others have competed

and won numerous awards.


Our authors come to us from around the world, from all walks of life and ages, from 17 to 94. A number of authors have published multiple books with us, and every author we have published says they have learned a great deal from our superb editing process. 

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