Owner, Jeff Schlesinger has over 30 years experience in marketing, in addition to his experience publishing over 150 books. His marketing background, combined with the experience of his staff in the New York and South Florida marketing world is a

valuable asset to Barringer Publishing and our authors. 

Here is the marketing we provide for our authors:

We provide marketing counseling throughout the entire process and long after. Long after the book is published Barringer remains available for marketing help, ideas, and counseling. We will work with you to provide maximum exposure for your book to your specified target market. Barringer will advise on awards, book fairs, and all forms of marketing to give your book the attention and exposure it deserves.

Marketing Plan - We provide six-pages of proven tips that will help put and keep your book in the public eye. Everyone needs a marketing plan and a strategy to implement the plan.

Press Releases - Barringer will produce and distribute to local, regional, and national media outlets two press releases for your book, one upon signing with Barringer, and one upon release of your book.

Promote Your Book - We will feature your book on our website, mobile site and Facebook, with a link to purchase your book. We also run Facebook posts and boost ads promoting your book to our audience.

Reviews - Barringer will send review copies to established online and offline outlets for review  consideration.

Distribution - We have a distribution network that includes Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and many other distributors who supply booksellers and libraries, here in the US and abroad. We also work directly with booksellers for large custom orders.

Book Signings - We are happy to contact local booksellers and other venues to help you secure book signings in your area.

Bookmarks - Barringer will supply you with custom-desinged bookmarks that are great to hand out. Everyone loves receiving bookmarks.

In addition, our sister-company, AIM - Advertising & integrated Marketing is a full-service marketing group that will provide additional services, including website and mobile site development, additional graphics, social media, videos, blogging,
email blasts, direct mail, ads, brochures, etc.